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 Land For Sale

This 6-acre parcel of land is perfect for commercial use, located just 1 and a half miles from the beach. Perfect for malls, warehouses, and Apartment complexes. There are plans in place for new roads to make access easy. It is priced to sell at just 1.5 million dollars. This is only 6 acres from a 900-acre development that will be used for tourism in Miches. Invest today and watch your investment grow in the years to come. Contact me for more information 


This beautiful land for sale offers a chance to own a slice of paradise, with stunning mountain views and flat land perfect for building. Imagine the possibilities - from tall buildings to extravagant malls, you can build whatever your heart desires and enjoy the breath taking views that come with it. Make your dreams come true and purchase this land today to begin the journey of creating something special.

The divisions of lands will become roads. When the construction of roads begins, most likely prices of land will rise. Take advantage today.


At 1.5 miles away from the beach (Playa Costa Esmeralda) that has one of the calmest water 

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